A Life Changing Event

After almost 8 years at Asynchrony, I resigned my position as VP of Engineering on Thursday to take a new position working with some of my old friends. The times at Asynchrony were some of the best times in my career, and I feel privileged to have worked with so many bright, driven, passionate people. The reason for this move has nothing to do with Asynchrony – I consider them to be one of the good guys in the industry. They get Agile there, they get Lean/Kanban, and they get delivering quality software. I will miss them, I will  miss the challenges, and I will miss calling myself an Asynchronite.

But, old chapters close in our lives, and new chapters open, and this is one of those times.

I have accepted a position with Tier3, working alongside my old Patterns and Practices friends, Jim Newkirk, Scott Densmore, Tim Shakarian, Brad Wilson, Ade Miller (I think there are one or two more that I’m leaving out, but I only heard the whole list once. Apologies if I left someone off), as well as other teammates I’m very eager to meet. In my new role, I will be Product Owner, community leader, and one of the public faces of Tier3’s Platform as a Service family of offerings. And I even get to write some code!

I have a ton to learn, about the space, the product, the team and people, and that’s probably just touching the surface. I’ve been consulting, mentoring, and training for half of my career, and I’m excited about moving back into the product world. I get to work with world class engineers and an exciting company to create, to quote Ron Jeffries’ words from oh, so long ago, Something Magnificent.

new Chapter().Next().Open();

— bab