Looks like I’m speaking at SQE East in Boston, November 12th, 2013!

My good friend Mitch Lacey had to take a step back from a speaking engagement, and he asked me to cover for him to give a half day tutorial on Getting Started With Agile: An Experiential Workshop at the Better Software Conference in November. I’m very excited about doing this talk, both because of the opportunity to speak at this venue and to this audience, and because this kind of talk is so much fun to give.

This session is described as experiential because this talk about Agile and Scrum is planned and execute using Agile and Scrum, With the audience as the stakeholders and me as their “team”, we go through an initial story-gathering process, writing user stories for questions, estimate the questions, put them into a backlog, track metrics, replan and refine, and so on, all while answering the questions posed by the audience.

Doing this talk requires a bit of knowledge and a LOT of courage on the speaker’s part, as the questions can cover literally anything involved with the subject. I’m very glad Mitch has the confidence in me to be able to stand in for him, as his are some very big shoes to fill. Mitch, I’ll do my best not to let you down 🙂

— bab