Are you coming to St. Louis Day of DotNet?

Only a few seats left, apparently, for the conference on August 28th and 29th. Register here. Looks like lots of good sessions, lots of good topics, and filled with good speakers.

Personally,  I’m speaking on Using MVVM and TDD to test drive a WPF application.



2 thoughts to “Are you coming to St. Louis Day of DotNet?”

  1. Brian,

    I have had two opportunities to meet you. One, at Monsanto in your TDD course, and the other was a kind of an interview to possibly join the team at Asynchrony. I enjoyed your class and have a great respect for you. I look forward to attending your session at the conference.

  2. I’ll be there. Your topic sounds like a winner. And of course, the nice thing about MVVM is that the pattern is so young that no two presentations are even remotely similar. Should be a blast.

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