New .Net testing framework,, available on CodePlex

I’m a few days late to this party, but my friends Jim Newkirk and Brad Wilson have released a [new .Net testing framework( What is interesting about this framework is that it is built based on many years of combined experience between Jim and Brad, with input, I’m sure, from Scott, Peter, and others.

Jim and Brad made some interesting choices, like removing SetupAttribute and TearDownAttribute, but they’ve defended their choices.

Go check it out. And while you’re there, please vote for adding an adapter to allow xUnit tests to be run through ReSharper. You can do this by logging into CodePlex, or creating an account if you’ve never logged in, and going to here to vote. Having this in ReSharper would make my .Net development complete 🙂

Last point, if any of you are developing .Net code, and you are not using ReSharper, why the !@#$!@# not??? Give yourself a treat and check it out.

— bab