Agile 2007

I’m eagerly looking forward to going to Agile 2007 next week. I look forward to this conference every year to give me energy to get through the next year. It’s so much fun to see all my agile friends for a week, hang out, talk about what we’ve learned, drink the occasional beer, and just catch up.

If you’re going to DC this year, look me up. I’m in the conference hotel.

I’d also like to suggest a BDD BoF session, if anyone going is interested in that. I’ll try to sign up for it some night there.

Finally, I’m giving 2 talks this year. The first talk is an Experience Report on Tuesday morning. It’s about building trust with a customer as a key success factor. On Friday morning, Peter Provost and I are giving a talk called “Agile is more than ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’”. The point of this talk is to point out to those who might be new to agile that there is more to it than just the practices, it is possible to be agile without doing ANY of the practices, and that doing the practices doesn’t necessarily make you agile.

See you all there!

— bab