Another powershell quickie – removing all bin and obj directories beneath VS.Net projects

gci -recurse -include bin,obj . | ri -recurse

I was playing around with how to get this to work, and I couldn’t seem to figure out why these commands didn’t find the same locations to delete:

  • gci -recurse -include bin,obj .
  • ri -recurse -force -include bin,obj -whatif .

I finally got so baffled that I RTFMed remove-item, and there was my answer. In the fine print, nestled away in an example that did what I was looking for, and in the documentation for the recurse parameter was my answer…

-recurse <SwitchParameter>
Deletes the items in the specified locations and in all child items of the locations.

The Recurse parameter in this cmdlet does not work properly.

Ah ha! That’s when I went to the format that I finally settled on, and everything worked.

Another blog posting mostly written to help me remember how I solved this problem the next time I encounter it!

— bab