And so ends St. Louis Code Camp, 2007

Wow, what a great day that was! Yesterday we held the 2nd Annual St. Louis Code Camp, and it was a smashing success. We had about 100 people show up, and they all seemed to have a ball…

Some of my own favorite moments:

  • Meeting and getting reacquainted with folks I met last year. I hadn’t seen Alex Miller and Sean Carley, for example, since last year, and chatting with them was a ball. Kyle Cordes has been so busy with his company that he’s fallen off the face of the earth (although he’d say I’d vanished :)). And there were so many others
  • Lots of great hallway conversations. This is always my favorite part of conferences, and this one was no different. I met up with the Trade Harbor guys, for instance, and we talked about Behavior Driven Development. Sean showed me how it works and how it is different from more traditional TDD. I’m intrigued, but not sold on it. Note to self, catch Dave Astels’ GoogleTalk video of BDD.
  • It was interesting when I noticed which talks were packed and which were more empty. We have one big room, one medium room, and two smaller rooms. I had put the Java and .Net talks, for the most part, into the larger rooms, and scheduled the Ruby talks for the smaller ones, based on my own personal guesses at what more people would want to see. Boy, was I wrong! The most heavily attended sessions were the ones on Ruby, Software as a Service, and Agile. Have to remember this when assigning talks to rooms next time!
  • Watching Adam Esterline to a completely improvised OO Javascript talk. Our scheduled speaker had another unavoidable commitment that he had to make, so Adam stepped up and filled in with a great talk. He also talked a lot about our current project at work, showing some of our JS code, and fielded questions about how we built our site.
  • Having another presenter not show up, and Jimmy Creel stepping up to give a presentation he just happened to have with him. The audience love the SQL Server 2005 Best Practices talk!
  • The Trade Harbor guys gave a talk on their own agile process. It looks like they’re doing great with it, and having fantastic success. All the best in the world to them!

There were so many other great moments that I can’t possibly mention them all. It was a great time!

Many, many thanks to the attendees, speakers, volunteers, Randy, and to the companies who donated goods or services to our conference. I had a ball, folks who were there said they had a great time, and I can't wait to do it again!

-- bab