Asynchrony Solutions is hiring!

Asynchrony Solutions is looking for several developers to join our company. Our immediate requirements are:

  • C/C++/Unix/realtime/embedded developer — This is for an exciting, very long-term project where you would have the opportunity to write code in C, Java, and C++
  • Java or C#/.Net/ASP.Net developer for any one of a number of projects
  • Agile mentors and trainers

In addition to technical skills, agile experience is a definite plus. Even if you haven’t ever worked in an agile environment, you should be very opening to learning agile skills and working in such an environment.

I joined the company in May of this year, and I have been very happy there. I’m the VP of Engineering, and the thing that convinced me to join was the company’s committment to an agile way of thinking. There are 4 principal owners, and each of them understands, appreciates, and values agility, and this shows in how the company markets is services, how projects are run, and how people are valued. Our project teams are generally 5–10 people who work together in a warroom atmosphere. We actively encourage the agile management and development practices, and, more importantly, an agile belief system. I could go on, but it is just a great place to work. If you have questions about the company or the working environment, just let me know — I’ll be happy to answer.

For more information about our company, please see our web site. If you’d like to learn more about these opportunities, please contact me directly through this blog.


— bab