St. Louis Code Camp Materials links

Sorry this took so long. Here are the links that I have from people to the materials from their talks:

Cory Foy – Ruby for C# Developers, Achieving Customer Zen with Fitnesse
Kevin Grossnicklaus — Advanced Threading in .Net
Dave Holsclaw — Rails without the Hype
Jeff Barczewski — Extending Ruby on Rails (Project Site)
Steve Brennan — Bringing Existing Code Under Test
Chris Caplinger — Using the Atlas Framework for ASP.Net
Kyle Cordes —
Alex Miller — Getting Started with Xquery
John Hubb — Humble Dialog: Work Effectively with Legacy Swing
Darrin Bishop — Creating SharePoint Web Parts in C#
Jeffrey Harter & Mitch Land— TFS: Hype, Hope, and How to be Hip

I hope to have the last few presentations sent to me soon. If you happen to know these people, please bug them for me and force them to send me links to their materials 🙂

On another note, I do want to thank all those who showed up, all those who spoke, and all those who volunteered. We had a great time, I know I learned a lot, and we’ve even decided to do another one this fall!



Update — 61: Alex Miller link


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