Slides for today’s webcast

Here are the slides from today’s webcast. Thanks who all tuned in.

There will be a slight delay in posting the code from the webcast, as I seem to have accidentally deleted it in the process of getting it ready to be uploaded. I was trying to get rid of all the bin and obj directories, and I did. I also got rid of all the source code  I’ll try to recreate it tonight and post it tomorrow.


— bab

Still looking for St. Louis Code Camp speakers!

For any of you planning on attending the St. Louis Code Camp, we are still looking for speakers. If you have ever wanted to try your hand at sharing some of your knowledge with your fellow developers, Code Camps are a great place to start out. Talks are very low key, audiences are very friendly, and you’ll give yourself a big leg up for that next presentation you have to give to your great-grand boss at work

If you’re interested, please go to our web site and site up to attend and to speak. We’d love to have you!

— bab


Chock full of bloglets

Hi, All,

This entry should have something in it for everybody, since I have a bunch of little things to say.

  • Friday is my last day at patterns & practices. I want to thank everyone there who has put up with me for 2–1/2 years. The experiences I’ve had there and the friends I’ve made there will last me the rest of my life. And hopefully I’ve left something of myself behind that will help them in their future endeavors. And if you’re ever in doubt, guys, just ask yourself, WWBD
  • I will be speaking at TechEd this year, so if you’re going to be there, please look me up. My talk is on Building Your Own Enterprise Framework. I intend to talk about things I learned, both good and bad, during my experiences in building frame^h^h^h^h^hlibraries like EntLib. You can expect this talk to have an agile bent to it
  • I’m headed down to Atlanta next weekend for the FIRST Lego League National Championships. Linsey, my 12 year old daughter, was part of a team of 4 students who won the Missouri state championship. Now they’re off to compete at the Nationals in Atlanta next weekend. And then 2 weeks after that, they’re off to compete in the European championships in Eindhoven as one of 5 US teams invited to compete there.
  • I’m doing a webcast Thursday on Building your own Enterprise Library Design Time. I don’t have the registration link yet, but I’ll post it as soon as I do as a separate blog entry.
  • My friend John Sextro gave a talk at the St. Louis Extreme Programming Users Group last night on the refactoring Move Embellishment to Decorator. In his example, John did the main part of the refactoring in one giant leap. I challenged him to do it in smaller steps, so that he’d have working code throughout the exercise. John took me up on the challenge, and he blogged about how it turned out. Great job, John!
  • This is my 100th blog entry! I’ve been trying to save up for something extra special, but I don’t have time to do a big blog entry right now, and I couldn’t wait any longer to blog these things. So, Happy 100th Posting to Me!

— bab