Astronomy versus Lasik?

I’m interested in hearing from any astronomers out there who have had Lasik surgery. I’m tired of glasses and contacts just aren’t as comfortable as I might hope they would be. I know Sky and Telescope did a big article on this subject in September, 2005, and I’ve read it, but I’d love to hear from people who have actually had this done.

If you’ve had Lasik, and you’re an astronomer, I’d be very curious to know how it affected your vision at the eyepiece. I’ve heard stories of aberrations, glare, starbursts, and other anomalies, but firsthand stories always carry more weight. So my basic question is this — was your eyepiece vision affected to the extent that you enjoyment of the hobby was reduced? And if so, was your overall quality of life improved so much that it was worth it???

Thanks a bunch!

— bab