What do you all do with your old magazines?

I, like most of you, get a ton of magazines per month. I get Dr. Dobbs, MSDN, Software Developer, Runner’s World, Sky and Telescope, Infoworld, CRN, and so on. Do you save them? Do you clip certain articles out of them and pitch the rest? Do you just pitch the whole thing when you’re finished and rely on the web to find them for you again later?

I’m genuinely curious to find out. I’m drowning in magazines, and I want to find a way out!

— bab


18 thoughts to “What do you all do with your old magazines?”

  1. I pitch them (mostly). If I see something I need, I try to find it on the web before pitching it. Worst case, I clip something and stick it in a folder. Retrieval of that information tends to be pretty sketchy though, which is why I mostly pitch things.

  2. I have worked tirelessly to avoid print subscriptions, even though I still find them great to browse in.

    We take no newspapers, household magazines, nor do I subscribe to print editions except where I could not avoid it: IEEE Computer, Communications of the ACM, and MSDN Magazine (until the subscription finally ran out).

    For the print I do receive, I tear out articles and make sure I write the volume and issue numbers and date on the bottom of the first page, if it isn’t included. The stack of those is too high and I need to prune them some day. If I created some sort of on-computer bibliography entries, the odds of finding stuff in this pile would improve. (A New Years Resolution?)

    I subscribe to the IEEE Computer Society and the ACM digital libraries. (I actually have Microfiche of articles prior to the 80’s, including Stanford CS and AI reports, but no good way to use the fiche with my computer.)

    I subscribe to ZDNet and access the CMP publications (Software Development, DDJ, Byte, etc.) on-line.

    I "clip" web pages as I find them, using the IE Save As … MHTML feature. I use MSN Desktop Search to find all of the accumulated material on my own machine (including a mirror of my own blog and web pages). That finds the bibliographies that I have bothered to create, or even Outlook notes on articles. (More of that would be more New Years Resolution.

  3. Brian,

    I keep each one until the next one arrives. Any article that I have read I consider absorbed. If I think it is something worth sharing I generally find away to send it electronically. If I think it is something really important then I e-mail the link to my gmail account or store the link in "my del.icio.us". This way I know they are there forever.

  4. I have been saving every magazine I subscribe in my basement for the last 4 years. I find myself going back reading some old articles sometimes.

  5. I used to collect Byte magazines. I got one from the year 1984. It is funny to see a system for 3899.99 for a 256K 8088 with 10Megs of hard disk though.

    I sometimes look at them to see, what we were discussuing before 90’s and to see what came true and what not.

  6. I typically bring them into the office for others to read. Once that stack gets to high I just pitch ’em unless they had something marked that was good/important and needs to be around longer.

  7. I take the my old magazines to the gym or work. Another option might be to take them to your local library. I think it’s better than throwing them out.

  8. I try and get the same magazine in a digital format , and save the digital version . Its easier to archive the digital versions . In the worst case I scan articles I want from Print Only magazines . Its pretty easy to store 10 Gbs of Magazines as compared to the Print versions, plus I look less like a pack rat.

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