What do you all do with your old magazines?

I, like most of you, get a ton of magazines per month. I get Dr. Dobbs, MSDN, Software Developer, Runner’s World, Sky and Telescope, Infoworld, CRN, and so on. Do you save them? Do you clip certain articles out of them and pitch the rest? Do you just pitch the whole thing when you’re finished and rely on the web to find them for you again later?

I’m genuinely curious to find out. I’m drowning in magazines, and I want to find a way out!

— bab


Visual Studio 2005 ACE Winner!

Imagine my surprise when I woke up yesterday, checked my MSN email, and found a note from Soma  It seems that someone out there nominated me for an ACE (Award for Customer Excellence) for helping get VS.Net 2005 out the door, and Soma was writing to tell me that I had won. I have to admit, I was not expecting this at all (in fact, I had never heard of this until Sam Gentile mentioned that he got one), so I was really pleased when I saw it. The feedback I gave (almost entirely on the testing system) was intended to make VSTS more amenable to an agile development team, and for the most part wasn’t implemented in the current release  But they are on the table for Orcas at least!

Anyhow, I’m very pleased to have won this award, as its nice to have one’s contributions noticed. Thanks, MS!


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patterns & practices Agile and Extreme Programming Lessons Learned webcast link

Sorry I didn’t get this link out in time for folks to tune in live, but I spaced on it  Anyhow, Peter Provost, Brad Wilson, Darrell Snow, and I did a webcast about a week ago talking about lessons learned during our projects (EnterpriseLibrary and CAB). We ran both of these projects using similar Agile methods, had great results in both, and talked about what went well and what we wanted to improve on for next time.

If you feel the urge to listen in to our conversations from this webcast, here is the link.

— bab