Slides from Enterprise Library presentation at St. Louis .Net User Group, June 26th

On Monday, June 26th, I had the pleasure of addressing the St. Louis .Net User Group. I had been invited to speak about Enterprise Library, as several people had been asking questions in the group about how to get started using it and were looking for an overview. I had already given a talk on Enterprise Library to the C# and VB.Net SIGs of this group, so it was only natural that they might call on me to give the talk at the main meeting at well.

I think the talk went really well. There were probably 50 people or so in attendance, and they listened to my talk, watched me write some really simple code that I then taught lots of new tricks through configuration, and they even asked a bunch of really good questions. I do have to say that the questions that this group asked were better and harder than those in my previous talks, because several of the questioners had been using Enterprise Library for a bit. The questions they asked were pretty particular about individual facets of the library, which made my life a lot harder  Seriously, though, they were really good questions, and I’m glad I was able to answer most of them.

As I promised in the talk, here are the slides. In them, you’ll find all the links I was talking about, including the download site for Enterprise Library, the Hands On Labs, the great webcasts and podcasts, and all the blogs, as well as descriptions of each block, and a really general overview of what is coming next in the Enterprise Library family.

Knock yourself out, and if you have any questions, you have my email address

Thanks again for having me and listening. I really appreciated the opportunity, and I’m looking forward to my next series of talks to these groups.

— bab