My Myers-Briggs Profile

Some of my friends here at Microsoft have been involved with some personality analysis to find out how red, blue, green, or yellow they were. These colors reflect some sort of behavior (think aggressive, depressing, party, and mom :)). Since I’m just a consultant here, I didn’t get a chance to do this, but I did go back to a Myers-Briggs testing site and took one of the on-line quizzes. I turned out to be an INTJ, which chances are most of you are, too.

I’m 22% introverted, 25% intuitive, 50% thinking, and 22% judging, which according to their clustering system makes me a Mastermind Rational.

No idea what this means, but in reading the page above, it really does sound like me. Here is the quiz that I took — take it yourself and see if it matches you!

— bab