Announcement: TDD Webcast, 1100-1200 PDT, Thursday, April 28th

Peter Provost, Scott Densmore, Brad Wilson, and I will be doing a webcast on TDD, hosted by Ron Jacobs. I don’t have the link yet, but as soon as I do, I’ll post it here.

The content for this webcast is introductory — we only have 1 hour, so we’re going to talk about what TDD is, how it can help, do a really quick example of it, and share some of our war stories of using it on real-life projects.

Please tune in, laugh along with us, and submit lots of questions.

If things go well, this will be the first in a series of webcasts on TDD over the next few months.

— bab

 Update — The link

14 thoughts to “Announcement: TDD Webcast, 1100-1200 PDT, Thursday, April 28th”

  1. It was fun 🙂 Scott and I have worked together for over a year, Peter and I for about 6 months, and Brad is new. But we’re all of the same mind about software (and music, too!)

    I’ll look back on this contract later in my life as one of my favorite work experiences…

    — bab

  2. Enjoyed the webcast – I’ve ordered the book by Newkirk, but would like if you follow thru with the webcast series.




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