Pointer to posts mentioned in my webcast

Hi, all,

I hope some of you had a chance to listen to my webcast yesterday on the Enterprise Library Caching block. I did an OK job — I was a little nervous at first and felt very rushed during it. Anyhow, I hope the content I wanted to get in was understandable…

At one point, someone in the talk asked about thread safety and performance of the  block, and I mentioned that I had blogged about how the locking scheme in the caching block evolved over time. I wanted to post links to those previous articles to make them easier to find:

Scott and I also chatted very briefly about statics. Here is a link to Scott talking about an email that I sent him very early in my time at p&p

Let me know if I can answer any questions about these posts or anything else I talked about during my webcast.

Scott Densmore and I talked about doing a few podcasts with Ron Jacobs covering other aspects of our experiences on Enterprise Library. We want to bring in Peter Provost and talk about our Triangle Lounge bullpen and our TDD process. Ron and I also talked about filming a video of an Enterprise Library presentation I’ve done in the past where I show about 10 lines of code and spend the rest of the hour using the configuration tool to play with them. Look for these pnplive shows in the coming month or so.

— bab