Enterprise Library released to the wild!!!

I know I’m a few days late to this party, but I’ve been recovering from workaholism for the past few days. Now, feeling refreshed and energetic, I add my voice to the growing firestorm:

Check out the Enterprise Library. It is everything you have ever hoped for, dreamed about, and wanted, for your software development needs 🙂

Compliments cheerfully accepted. Criticisms consciously sought and appreciated. After all, we want to get better.



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8 thoughts to “Enterprise Library released to the wild!!!”

  1. This is great stuff!

    So, when is the User Interface Process Application Block going to be ported to the Enterprise library? 😉

  2. Brian,

    A burning question of mine is how much of the Enterprise Library will work on a Pocket PC (i.e. CF compatible)? It might sound like a daft question but some of my Pocket PC applications can be ported straight from their Windows App equivalents. If I implement the library for those will I need much effort to port to the Pocket PC?

  3. Steve,

    Sorry, but no, the Compact Framework is not going to be supported as of now. There is not enough of the .Net framework supported for us to be able to run correctly there.

    — bab

  4. Brian,

    Are their any examples for the Oracle for the data access block in EntLib? I’m having trouble finding anything and need some help getting that going.

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