Death by spam

I admit it. Spam has me beat.

A few weeks ago, I got around 1000 spam a day.

Two weeks ago, I got 2000 spams a day.

Last week, 3000 per day.

Are you picking up the pattern yet? As of today, I got 4500 spams. By next week, I’ll be over 5000, I just know it.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions about how to tame this problem? I have spambayes in the middle of my mailtool chain, so I don’t see very many of these, but I still have to deal with the bandwidth they take up. And I still see over 100 per day.

My requirements are that I want to be able to read my mail on any of my machines, and I want to have the email backed up safely nightly. I also have to control the mailboxes that I use. I currently have 100 or so active email addresses on my domain, so I need to be able to create and delete addresses at will.

Any advice? Please? I’m begging here.

UPDATE — My predictions were far too conservative. I got 7500 spams yesterday. I gotta get some help. This is email spam, and I want to get rid of it so I never see it. I really want something to sit between fetchmail on my linux box and my POP account to sift through and get rid of my spam before I download it. I really don’t want challenge/response solutions, because that places an undo burden on people sending me business email. I’d also be happy with a different mail service that still looked like, but did all the filtering for me server side. Suggestions are most welcome…

— bab

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  1. Is that comment spam? Disable comments.

    Is it email spam? There are third party services which need people to validate their email address before any email reaches you. It takes a bit to teach it .. but they are quite effective.

  2. In my experience, you can’t really beat SpamBayes as a free solution. If you’re willing to pay, you might want to consider an MX record redirection service like SpamSoap or MXLogic.

  3. You might also consider I use them for approx. $30 dollars per year. You get e-mail accounts, 50 MB of space, filtering, etc

  4. Brian,

    I use popfile but it does not meet your reqs. Although if you are interested you can check it out on

    What about forwarding all of your mail through a gmail account? Your mail is accessible from anywhere, it is backed up (theoritically), messages are not downloaded locally and gmail has built-in spam filters. If you want to try it out let me know and I can send you an invitation for gmail.



  5. Sadly, doesn’t meet your need to handle multiple email addresses (at least not cheaply — I think it’s $35/yr per address). But perhaps it might help if there are one or two addresses which are especially spamified.

    I’ve been using them for a couple of years, and *really* like the service — so much so that when I switch to gmail I’m still going to pull my mail through death2spam.

    Good luck.

  6. Same problem here! I use Gmail, but their spamfilter is no good. I still get 300+ spams per day.

    Which bayesian spam filter can be combined with gmail so that I can read spamfree email =online= ??

  7. ASSP is great. It closes the SMTP connection if an email is determined to be SPAM, so very little bandwidth is used. I think it might solve your problem.

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