Different keyboards promote different priorities

Scott Densmore and Peter Provost are both keyboard junkies. They live their lives finding new keyboard shortcuts to do stuff. If it doesn’t have a shortcut for it, they ain’t gonna use it.

On the other hand, I don’t have an obsession with keyboard shortcuts. I have no problem using a mouse, right clicks, etc, to get the job done. And it is not because I am in love with the WIMP style of interfaces. Heck, I’m an old-time Emacs user, and can contort my fingers into any position necessary to hit Ctrl-x4b<ret> to make something happen.

I think its because of our keyboards. Scott and Peter both use desktop machines and standard keyboards. I use a laptop exclusively. My thinkpad has that little pointy stick in the middle and has mouse buttons I can reach with my thumbs. So, to use the mouse, I never have to move my fingers off the home row. They have to take their hand off their keyboard and put it on the mouse to use it.

Just a (semi) interesting observation that I made.

— bab


3 thoughts to “Different keyboards promote different priorities”

  1. I hate that pointy stick. The touchpad is much better since I don’t have to put pressure to move in a direction. Once I used it long enough, the movement is no different from typing and is much easier to use than the little eraser. Then I set it so that a single tap on the touchpad is the left-click (which you tap with your right index finger, same as with a mouse) and set the left button to be the right-click, which your thumb conveniently hangs over when using the touchpad, and bam! You’re the Emeril of touchpads.

    I really hate the eraser.

  2. Couldn’t disagree with you more, Darrell 🙂 I’ve had two thinkpads in the past, and I love the pointy sticks. I never have to move my fingers off the home row, as opposed to using the glide pad on my mac.

    It’s just easier to use when you’re touch typing…

    — bab

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