Different keyboards promote different priorities

Scott Densmore and Peter Provost are both keyboard junkies. They live their lives finding new keyboard shortcuts to do stuff. If it doesn’t have a shortcut for it, they ain’t gonna use it.

On the other hand, I don’t have an obsession with keyboard shortcuts. I have no problem using a mouse, right clicks, etc, to get the job done. And it is not because I am in love with the WIMP style of interfaces. Heck, I’m an old-time Emacs user, and can contort my fingers into any position necessary to hit Ctrl-x4b to make something happen.

I think its because of our keyboards. Scott and Peter both use desktop machines and standard keyboards. I use a laptop exclusively. My thinkpad has that little pointy stick in the middle and has mouse buttons I can reach with my thumbs. So, to use the mouse, I never have to move my fingers off the home row. They have to take their hand off their keyboard and put it on the mouse to use it.

Just a (semi) interesting observation that I made.

— bab