Speaking at .Net Users Group in St. Louis, 11/29

For those of you interested, and in St. Louis, I’ll be speaking at the .Net Users Group meeting this month. My topic will be “Refactoring: Adding Design to your Code After It Is Written”. My underlying intent in this talk is to convince people that refactoring is a worthwhile activity, as it adds value to your code.

I intend to walk through some simple refactorings to improve a piece of procedural code and begin to flesh out its dumb data objects into living, breathing OO classes.


  1. Introduction of me (boring!)
  2. Imagine yourself walking into work and being asked to make a change to some code you’ve never seen before…
  3. Maybe if we improve it a bit, we can read it better…
  4. Good, now I can read it, maybe I can start thinking about changing it
  5. This is refactoring!
  6. New buzzword, not reworking. Can stop in middle
  7. Let’s improve the code a bit more and see where that goes…
  8. Why can I do this? (tests, better code, etc)
  9. These are my tools (brain, patterns, refactoring book)
  10. Here are the reasons why I can’t do this…
  11. What else can we improve in the code
  12. Other resources
  13. GIVEAWAY!!!

We have 3 signed copies of Jim Newkirk’s Test Driven Development in Microsoft .Net and may have a copy or two of the Resharper refactoring tool to give away.

Hope to see lots of you there.

— bab