Another name for unit tests…

There are so many names being used for TDD’ed unit tests right now:

  • Unit Tests (of course :))
  • Programmer Tests
  • Technology Facing Tests
  • and more I can’t think of right now

But, my friend Michael Hill (who doesn’t blog and I wish he would) came up with a different name for them at the XP Universe conference a few years ago. We were talking at the bar (where else would you find Hill???) with a bunch of people. For some reason, during the conversation, we started to think of different names for unit tests, probably to try to guide people away from the “test” aspect of them, and move them more towards what we considered to be the more important reasons to have them.

Hill came up with calling Mobility Tests, because they allow you to move your code wherever it needs to go, at will. This name brings up a totally different picture of unit/programmer/technology-facing tests to me. It brings to mind that the biggest benefit of having these tests after the code is written is that they let you say YES when asked to make a change. They give you the freedom to make changes you would never make otherwise.

Mobility tests. I really like that name.

— bab (first post through BlogJet. I hope it works!)