Upcoming talks in St. Louis

If you happen to be in St. Louis any time over the next few weeks, I’m talking at a couple of different user groups. On Wednesday, Sept 1, from 7-9PM, I’m talking at the XPSTL meeting in St. Charles. And I’m also talking at the St. Louis OOSIG meeting on Thursday, Sept 16th. The topic of both talks is the same:

Using Programmer Tests as Agile Documentation.

For more information, and an outline of the talk, please see the previous entry in my weblog.

— bab

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  1. Just a quick anecdote that I ran into not even an hour ago. I needed to rewrite a section of code. This code was well designed so all I had to do is "unplug" the onld code and "plug" in the new code. For the most part it was seemless. This is because I was able to read the tests to determine the functionality that was required. There was an area that I had missed, and that was in the "bounds checks". I had no idea that there was a requirement to check certain bounds and throw certain exceptions in those cases. Fortunately, the tests told me what I needed to do, and I implemented the required code.

    When a rewrite of a section of code is required it is very common that we lose pieces of functionality, or introduce behavior that is inconsistent with the requirements. With these tests in place I am confident that I didn’t miss any functionality.

    I look forward to seeing more on this topic.


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